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Transplus Safety Insurance Plan

Each Transplus nasal prosthesis matches an exclusive medical insurance for nasal surgery.

"Insurance for Accidents and Complications of Nasal Surgery in China People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd."

Transplus-individual insurance content


Guidelines for Insurance 

of Transplus Exclusive Insurance


1. Insured: Chinese citizens aged 18-45 with full capacity (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

2. This insurance only guarantees regular products with traceable serial numbers.

3. Surgery site: Medical and cosmetic institutions with legal qualifications for nasal surgery in mainland China

4. Insured time: valid for insurance within 24 hours before surgery

5. Insurance period: the starting time is the beginning of nasal surgery, and the termination time is 90 days after nasal surgery.

6. The insured must submit the real insurance information according to the prescribed insurance process before the operation, confirm that the insurance is successful, then enjoy the insurance rights. Failure to operate as prescribed shall be regarded as voluntary abandonment of the insurance rights and interests.

7. This insurance is insured once for each super-nose prosthesis of the same insured.

8. During the same insurance period, this insurance only pays for accident caused by the first nasal surgery.

9. When filing a claim, the claims information submitted by the insured should be consistent with the insurance information.

10. The beneficiary of the death is the legal beneficiary

11. This product is insured by Han’s 3D Technology Co., Ltd. and underwritten by China People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiahualiren Technology Co., Ltd. is technical service provider of the project.

12. For other questions, please contact China Life Insurance Customer Service Tel: 95518


 Transplus exclusive insurance FAQ


1. Who pays for the insurance premium for Transplus exclusive insurance?

   The insurance premium of this insurance has been paid by Han’s 3D Technology Co., Ltd., and you do not need to pay again.


2. Are Transplus guaranteed for nasal surgery in all medical and cosmetic establishments?

This insurance is limited to the use of regular Transplus nasal prosthesis with traceable serial numbers for nasal surgery by legitimate medical establishments with qualifications for nasal surgery in mainland China. Detailed requirements can be found in the Guidelines for the Insurance of Transplus Exclusive Insurance.


3. Who are the policy-holder, insured and beneficiaries of the Transplus exclusive insurance?

The insurance policyholder is Han's 3D Technology Co., Ltd., and the insurance premium has been paid by Han's 3D Technology Co., Ltd. The insured is a customer who uses Transplus nasal prosthesis to perform nasal surgery according to the regulations. The insured can only become the insured of this insurance if the insured is insured in the insurance system. The beneficiary is the legal beneficiary of the insured or the insured.


4. How to query "My insurance policy"?

After the insured has successfully applied for insurance, PICC will send a short message based on the mobile phone number you filled in when you insured. The insured can click on the link in the short message and enter his name to inquire about the details of the electronic insurance policy.

Transplus exclusive insurance claim method


1. Claim report: Call PICC’s customer services telephone number 95518 directly to file claims

2. Submission of information: Provide the required materials according to the insurance clause, usually including but not limited to: identification of identity, diagnosis and confirmation of the nature, cause and degree of injury of the insurance accident.

3. Compensation Confirmation: the insurance company investigates and evaluates the information provided.

4. Payment of indemnities: After the examination and approval of the claim information, the indemnity will be paid to the designated account of the insured.


Claim information:

(1) Insurance policy or policy number

(2) A copy of the valid ID card of the insured (front and back)

(3) A copy of the valid bank card of the insured (front and back)

(4) In case of death, the death certificate of the insured issued by the medical institution, public security department or other competent authority prescribed by the health administrative department of the State Council shall be provided.

(5) Plastic surgery consent (an agreement with the hospital before surgery)

(6) Insured person's diagnosis certificate, medical expenses receipt or invoice, detailed list of medical expenses and medical record issued by public hospitals at Level II and above (Certification of Accident Degree and Effect)

(7) Other certificates and materials that the insured can provide in relation to the nature, cause, and degree of injury of the insured event.


Transplus Anti-counterfeiting Query

(One product, one code. The above picture is a demonstration. The two-dimensional code is invalid)


An anti-counterfeiting label is attached to each Transplus nasal prosthesis package. Scanning the two-dimensional code on the anti-counterfeiting label, the system will automatically jump to the anti-counterfeiting interface. Click “Anti-counterfeiting Query”, scrape the anti-counterfeiting coating on the anti-counterfeiting label, enter the last four digits of the number in the coating, and click on the query to distinguish the authenticity.












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